Frequently asked questions

When do the lights start?

Semi-Official dates for this year: December 2nd - Dec. 30th

How is Covid-19 impacting the festivities?

Traffic has been the most many of us have ever seen, in particular this early in the season. With many of the houses dark, just think about when you choose to come if you do. The peak hours when resdients are coming home, taxi cabbing kids aroud or picking up dinner is the worst possible time for all of us. We'll all be sitting in our cars fighting off the scrooge. However you and your family decide to enjoy the lights with us, please take all precations and respect everyone's personal choices throughout December. Tis the season!


Parking within Eagle Hills is limited to one side only with several of the small small cul-de-sacs restricted on both sides. Signs will be posted and parking regulations will be in effect from 4pm - 10 pm. Should you decide to walk, it is strongly advised that you park outside the tract. Depending on the evening, it could take you upwards of 45 minutes to get out. FYI Public Parking is available at the Brea Sports Park located just east of the lights on Birch St.


The lights usually come on when the sun goes down and are off by 10 PM each evening. Remember, the residents of Eagle Hills still have their day to day lives in progress inside despite the party out front.

Large Buses, Limo's or vehicles over 20 feet

are NOT permitted

Who puts this on each year?

The decoration and lights are 100% put on by the residents of Eagle HIlls with traffic support from Brea PD. We truly enjoy being a part of so many of your holiday traditions and are so happy you love Christmas as much as us. Just remember, not everyone in the neighborhood is as thrilled as us to hand it over each December. Like we always say.... just be cool. We ask that while you're here, you treat it like home. After all, that's what it is.... our homes. Clean up after yourselves, respect the boundries, don't drive like a clown and we'll be sure to return the care and attention with extra holiday goodness.

Public Restrooms

are available at the adjacent sports park

Street Musicians

Must stay away from the busy intersections and be off of sidewalks to avoid congestion.

No Outside Commercial Vendors

That's all


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