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Some answers to your questions below.
Should you need 
something further, email Clark. 

When Lights

Nightly 6PM - 1OPM

Enjoy the lights all December long from 6pm to 10pm each evening. If you can't make it before 10, come tomorrow. Our day to day lives are still rolling inside so we'd appreciate you remembering as much.

Check the instagram for traffic updates...... not daily but most of the time. If the traffic is heavy, like field of dreams style, we'd strongly suggest you come another day if possible. 

Santa's Route

Follow the Signs

There is no photo stop to see Santa rather signs showing you a nice flow throughout the neighborhood. Follow it and you'll see everything we have to offer. Trying to find your own way throughout our winter wonderland makes it harder for everyone. Drive safe, think Christmas cheer and be patient. 


Parking within Eagle Hills is limited to one side only with several of the small small cul-de-sacs restricted on both sides. Signs will be posted and parking regulations will be in effect from 4pm - 10 pm. Should you decide to walk, it is strongly advised that you park outside the tract. Depending on the evening, it could take upwards of 45 minutes simply to get out. Don't ruin your evening fighting with the family... plan accordingly

Public Parking is available at the Brea Sports Park located just east of the lights on Birch St.

Outside Vendors


Outside vendors of any kind are not allowed to turn our sidewalks into a marketplace. 

Walking Paths

Option 1 A

Parking at the adjacent sports park and walking is the move in our opinion. You can enjoy a nice walk throughout the neighborhood. There are wide paths with trash cans and pet waste stations for you to clean up after yourselves and you'll avoid the traffic which can get out of control. 


Public Restrooms are located at the Sports Park 

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